webring - a scalable webring library
Copyright 2000 Robert Peake

Released under the GNU Lesser Public License


webring provides an easy-to-configure solution for creating a webring. All URLs are stored in one file (webring.urls), and each link in the webring references one of three functions: next (next.php), previous (prev.php), or random (rand.php) at this site.


webring requires PHP>3 (tested on 3.015) with support for $HTTP_REFERER, and depends upon the loopedArray class (included). webring links will only work on browsers that allow redirects using the http-equiv meta tag.


webring uses the loopedArray object, which simulates a "looped" array data type with a number of basic functions. See "loopedArray.api" for an outline of how to use this class. See "webring.api" for an outline of the webring class.


Simply add urls, one per line, to the file webring.urls. Then reference next.php, prev.php, and rand.php from the pages in your webring.


Note that if next.php or prev.php are referenced from URLs outside the web ring (not in the webring.urls file) the following behavior will occur:


This software is released as-is, with no implications of warranty or fiteness to a particular use. The author implies no obligation to provide techincal support for this software on the part of himself or his company.